Freitag, 8. August 2014

Retro Baby...

Hello my dears,

I promised you to show my latest F.O. today, and here it is: the Retro Baby Hexie! Colours and layout are all thanks to Dover&Madden who did a fantastic job creating the original blanket.

Again I used my favourite yarn of all times - Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. Would you believe that 80% of the yarn for this blanket are still leftovers of my first Cashmerino Ripple? Queen of overbuying, your name is Maree! I had to buy 3 or 4 balls, though, since the colours weren't in my stash or not enough of it left.

Here it lies on our brand new garden wall. Looks lovely together, don't you think? I used a picture of Dover and Madden's blanket to make this one since I have a hard time in placing colours.

Now all we need is a brand new baby to use this blanket. The owner of this trainer bike turned 3 in June, way too old for a baby blanket, don't you think?

Dienstag, 5. August 2014

Once upon a time...

I'm working hard on my Bachelor's thesis. I really do - even harder if stacking your source books does count (and since it does not I'm happy to say that I wrote 2 pages today, yay!). And these are only the books I bought. A lot of copys hide behind that Mountain. But I finished some crochet, too. I really hope to get some decent pictures for F.O. Friday.

Dienstag, 22. Juli 2014

Still there... and finished something!

Hello my dears,

I know haven't written anything in a while. I'm busy planning my bachelor's thesis, which proves to be a lot more complicated than I thought. My theme is Waking up Sleeping Beauty - The Development of Women in Fairy Tales. But I won't bore you with the story of how difficult it is to find enough sources and to plan it in a way that pleases me and my advisor.

Instead I'll show you a new F.O. and tell you the little story behind. See, I'm very fond of my parent's neighbourhood and the neighbours to the left finally got a baby. So I had to make a blanket, because...

In the 1930ies my great-grandfather built a house for his family in a small street. Over the years more houses were built and all of the residents were about the same age and had children. So over the years they became friends. My grandmother grew up in this great enviroment, so did my mother and finally along came me and my siblings. My great-grandfather gifted the house to my parents, as my grandparents built their own house, but still lived with us until he died.

I remember him standing at the fence talking with the neighbour to the left (the great-grandfather of today's neighbour) all morning. By lunchtime they were quarreling away and went inside to eat. After lunch they stood again at the fence, friends once more until dinnertime - by that time they were quarreling once more. It was kind of a ritual. And since we are talking bavarian men it is no strange behaviour at all.

So our neighbourhood is very close bonded, given that our great-grandfathers started out as friends and we all know each other since birth. Of course this newest addition to our close bonded neighbourhood (given that it is the first child since the late 90ies to grow up there, as I don't live there anymore, so my son doesn't count ) needed a welcome blankie. Just a giant granny as my dad forgot to tell me about the baby for whole 9 months (how dare he!!!)

I hope you liked my little story. I always feel good when I think back to my childhood in this small street in Bavaria. And I hope that little Ann-Sophie will like her blanket!

Freitag, 9. Mai 2014

The W.I.P List

Hello my dears!

Today I wanted to show you what is in my WIP Basket at the moment. I'm having quite a hard time sticking to one thing at the moment so showing you what I'm working on might help me (wanting to show the FO that is)

First my longest WIP. I did show this one before, these are tiny squares made out of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. They are meant to become a Attic24 Style ZigZag Baby Blanket once I'm done (in about 100 years or so...)

90 squares so far, but since they are so tedious to work on, I sometimes just can't stand doing them. The yarn is wonderful and I guess the finished object will be to, so I really need to finish this.

Colours on the left are the ones I already made enough squares, on the left are the ones I'm either not sure about using or where are still squares to be made.

Another Baby Cashmerino Blanket to be finished. This ones is based on the wonderful Retro Hexie Blanket by Dover and Madden. Theoratically this could be done in five days. Four more rows and a border. But I've watched all the Downton Abbey episodes to date and have a hard time finding something suitable to watch while working on (no The Paradise or Call the Midwife on the Video on Demand platforms I'm using :-( )

A pair of Vanilla Socks in Opal Hundertwasser. That's what I'm working on the most at the time. The yarn is a dream to work with though I don't really like the random striping and spots that appear on the yarn. I think I'll stay with handdyed sock yarn from now on. Or plain colours to make stripey socks!

Oh and what is that? A sewing project?!? Yes indeed. I finished this quilt top made out of a package of charm pack and now I'm unsure if I want to make a real quilt out of it or simply sew some red fleece on the backside and call it finished. I'll keep you posted about my decision.

Have a nice weekend!

Freitag, 2. Mai 2014

The Sock Bug

Hello my dears,

When I started knitting way back in elementary school - back then when they still taught knitting at school - I learned to knit socks. Twenty years later, when I desperately was in need of a christmas present for my dad I knitted a second pair. Somehow I never enjoyed the process. DPNs and I just weren't meant to be. So I gave up. No second glance at all these beauties called sock yarn.

Last winter, which was quite mild in Germany (no snow - really!) I had cold feet all the time and started to dream about hand knit socks. My granny only ever knits vanilla socks and would have told me to knit socks myself as she knows damn well that I'm a knitter and crocheter. So I gave in. I bought a skein of sock yarn and the bug bit me...

Let me introduce you to my socks so far:

Vanilla Socks - the first pair

Frog King, the second pair, knitted on smaller needles with more stitches - mistake. They would have been perfect with the same stitch number. I'm wearing them anyway:

Third pair was Drachenwolle Rainbow. Another Vanilla Sock. Perfect fit this time, but while knitting I had quite a love hate relationship with them. The yarn looked so colourful in the skein but my favourite colours where swallowed by the black:

The last pair to date (I knit a pullover since then which I need to show you) is the Dragonfly sock on my first handdyed yarn. I love the pattern and I love the yarn, but somehow they don't love each other and you can't see the lace properly:

What about you? Is there anything you swore to knit/crochet but gave in in the end? Or do you know a pattern I should try? Please tell me!

Donnerstag, 24. April 2014

Ta-Dah! Cashmerino Ripple II finished!

Hello my dears,

oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I've been away far too long and I know it... But you know how life sometimes gets in the way of blogging. I had a hell lot of work to do for university as I'm planning to start writing my Bachelor's thesis in a few weeks time. But of course there were a few other exams to tackle before. I'm done with them now plus I've finished another major project. The second Cashmerino Ripple!

I really had as hard a time choosing the colours as getting them right in the picture. They really are vibrant, but looked so dull in most of the photos. This one shows them perfectly:

I used the following colours (numbers of balls in brackets): 

62 Kingfisher (3,5)
47 Aqua (3,5)
502 Lime (3,5)
55 Blackberry (3)
202 Light Blue (3)
34 Mustard (3)
57 Indigo (7)
38 Pink - discontinued (3)
102 Beige (3)
11 Light Green - discontinued (4)
56 Petrol (3)
46 Heather (3)

That's  42,5 balls of Cashmerino Aran... Thank god I got most of it at more than 50% off!

I used the same border as on my Blue Patchwork Blanket, but made the main colour stripe wider. Like that effect.

Just if you where wondering, these colours are VERY different to what I use usually. Here you can see the Baby Cashmerino (right) next to the Cashmerino Aran (left) ripple. I have to admit I love the Cashmerino Aran one soooo much more, but shhhh!

And here it is in it's full beauty (ah well, what I could catch of it by balancing on the coffee table. I make my blankets far too huge to be perfectly pictured...)

I promise to be back soon. There are a few pairs of knitted socks that want to say hello to you and laugh at me for promising myself to never ever knit socks. Well, the sock bug got me at last...

Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2014


Hello my dears,

today I have something special for you. The very first granny square blanket of my life. Made by an actual granny - mine. I thought it was lost because I haven't seen it for years. The granny who made this and me never had a proper granny-grandchild relationship (unlike me and my beloved granny who sadly died 10 years ago in a car accident) but this piece of crochet makes me realise that although she has a hard time showing her feelings, she was ever so excited about meeting me, her very first grandchild. This one was made in the early eighties.

Now, this is what a REAL granny square blanket looks like. Mismatched colours and yarn weights but still lovely with that retro charme to it. Of course there are many of the classic squares but also some awesome one I haven't seen before on the internet.

These two squares are woven somehow and I really have to figure out how to do this, because I always liked them the most. The look fragile somehow, which looks ever so nice.

This one is a bit easier to figure out. Looks like it was made in rows and then framed. Bit Granny stripish but with a twist. The small bits in between the clusters look like bubbles...

These are lovely and should be simple enough to copy, don't you think? Somehow they remind me of the Pril Flowers... but I think that is a German thing ;-)

Unfortunately my baby blanket isn't in a very good state. But I'm determined to mend it, because I have a lot of memories attached to this one. It was my first piece of decoration in my first room (before the age of 11 I had to share a room with my brother) and kept my dolls warm before...

I hope you did enjoy my real granny square blanket as much as I do. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I will be able to mend it!