Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2014


Hello my dears,

today I have something special for you. The very first granny square blanket of my life. Made by an actual granny - mine. I thought it was lost because I haven't seen it for years. The granny who made this and me never had a proper granny-grandchild relationship (unlike me and my beloved granny who sadly died 10 years ago in a car accident) but this piece of crochet makes me realise that although she has a hard time showing her feelings, she was ever so excited about meeting me, her very first grandchild. This one was made in the early eighties.

Now, this is what a REAL granny square blanket looks like. Mismatched colours and yarn weights but still lovely with that retro charme to it. Of course there are many of the classic squares but also some awesome one I haven't seen before on the internet.

These two squares are woven somehow and I really have to figure out how to do this, because I always liked them the most. The look fragile somehow, which looks ever so nice.

This one is a bit easier to figure out. Looks like it was made in rows and then framed. Bit Granny stripish but with a twist. The small bits in between the clusters look like bubbles...

These are lovely and should be simple enough to copy, don't you think? Somehow they remind me of the Pril Flowers... but I think that is a German thing ;-)

Unfortunately my baby blanket isn't in a very good state. But I'm determined to mend it, because I have a lot of memories attached to this one. It was my first piece of decoration in my first room (before the age of 11 I had to share a room with my brother) and kept my dolls warm before...

I hope you did enjoy my real granny square blanket as much as I do. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I will be able to mend it!

Freitag, 14. Februar 2014

A new beginning...

Hello my dears,

Wow, it is February already. I'm sorry for being absent for so long but sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. I'm a bit stressed because of university, but I I find time to crochet nevertheless.

In December the urge to crochet another Ripple Blanket got me. I sooo wanted a thicker version of my Baby Cashmerino one. So I started to order different colours of Cashmerino Aran. It looked fabulous together...

Yep, that looks nice, doesn't it? Not so when crocheted up. Some colours didn't fit the colour scheme I had in mind. So I ordered more, kept crocheting and froggin, until I had the perfect colour combination:

Ah yes. Doesn't look too appealing this way, but the pink and taupe definitely were the colours I needed. Some others like red and fuchsia had to go.

Aaah, yes, that is the look I was after. Not too colourful, a bit sophisticated in colour choice but still me, Maree who loves colour. For my own sanity I decided to not go random on this one but repeat the colour sequence. As you can see I'm nearly done with the second repeat, but I'm taking it slowly, I want to enjoy the process.

Not like my knitting. I knit fast, so I can enjoy the end product. I finished a cardigan and a pullover while I was away from blogland, but no photos yet. Sorry. I hope I will remember to post them, though as they are awesome wears. Actually so awesome that I started another version of the pullover I made in Malabrigo Rios. But more about that in a hopefully not so distant future!

Enjoy the weekend!

Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2013

Stars and Birds

Hello my dears!

It's finally the time of the year and Little Guy is old enough to enjoy baking, so a lot of christmas cookie baking is going on here (though I wish I could make some not including cookie cutters, but we all know, these are the greatest fun for the wee ones...)

When not baking my hooks and knitting needles are used a lot in the last time, so I have a something to show.The weather was quite gloomy in the last days, so my photos aren't the best, but I'm sure you'll get the idea.

I made a star garland and I love it. The colours are just perfect. As far as I can remember (these are all leftovers) the blue is Katia Merino 100%, the red one Lana Grossa Come and pea green and pink are Cashmerino DK.

It's not as colourful as my usual work, but I never felt more satisfied with a colour combination! Little Guy loves it, too. He wants to have it in his room. Well, maybe after christmas. Or not. Sometimes mummy has to make cute little things for herself.

Talking about making things for oneself. This selfish mama has finished another sweater and has fallen in love with a very special yarn....

I lost another 6kg since the last shot *yay*

Again a blurry shot - sorry - but you get it. This is the most awesome pattern I've ever seen. Trowbridge by the very talented Alicia Plummer. The yarn is Wollmeise DK in Kornblume, an incredibly lovely blue. As handdyed yarns sometimes tend to be, one skein I bought back in August was very different compared to the other two, so I had to manage this one with two skeins, hence it is a bit shorter that I would have liked it. But never mind, the yarn, oh the yarn is perfect. It is so soft and blooms wonderfully with washing. This is definitely a yarn to buy again (once they have the perfect colour in stock - I'm thinking a nice grassy green or a deep purple...)

Next time I'm going to show you the hats I made in the last two weeks. Somehow I can't stop. Hat making is sooo addictive!

Sonntag, 24. November 2013

Beanies for Rumania

Hello my dears,

time is running, or is it just me feeling that this month just started? December is nearing and therefore it is once again time for the Christmas Convoy to Rumania. Last year I made some pillows for the children, this year I wanted to make something different. And it had to be quick, cos I completely forgot about it - or better say the fact that it is only one month until Christmas Eve (and two until I turn one year older *argh*).

I found a lovely recipe for beanies and started immediately.

I managed one beanie in about 2 hours, so this was a really quick one. Unfortunately I ran out of blue yarn, so only one beanie for a little guy and two for girls...

But I have to admit I'm totally smitten with the boy's one. It has earflaps and I love the brown combined with the blue!!!

This one is lovely, too. Especially the flower button. Lovely *squee*

I have to admit that this one is my favourite. The huge flower - so cute!!!

And finally a little cue about my next project. As I said, christmas is approaching fast and I'm a nutter for stars...

Have a nice sunday and a wonderful last week of November!

Sonntag, 3. November 2013

Sunburst Baby II - my first costum order

Hello my dears,

I have to admit I'm quite in a frenzy crafting wise at the moment. Unfortunately that means that I forget to keep you updated and "only" can show you finished objects. But I'm sure you don't mind, do you? At least for me the Ta-Dah posts are the best  and guess what - this is one!!!

Remember the Sunburst Baby Blanket I finished earlier this year? Well, it is truly loved, not only by the lovely owner and her mum but also by the mum's friends. One in particular, my Sil's best friend loved it so much that she asked me to make her daughter a slightly bigger version. Of cours I said, no prob. But she didn't want it as a present, so we agreed in the end that she'll pay for the yarn and sew something nice for my little guy (she made a divine Kindergarten-bag with his name on it ordered by my SIL for her nephew).

And so the journey started. We agreed on the same colours as the first blanket but another colour for bordering most of the flowers - cream this time. A blue flower was added as well for convenience reasons (9x11 squares so 9 colours to make placing easier. Every colour once per row).

 We decided on a pink shell border and again I have to say I'd love to keep that blanket. That shell border adds another stage of girlieness that makes me hope that one day I'll be lucky enough to concieve a girl....

Here it is in all it's glory! I'm sorry for the dull lighting but I really did my best, but I simply couldn't wait for sunshine to photograph and show you the blankie.

So what's next? I started knitting the Trowbridge sweater today and am in search of my next crochet project. I'm thinking Giant Granny since I have tons of Stylecraft leftovers (I ordered a Lucy pack because some of the colours I needed were out of stock separately - d'oh - so much yarn and even less time to use it since University started two weeks ago...

Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2013

Ta-dah! Baby-Willow

Hello my dears!

It's finally time for a new crochet FO! I crocheted Willow squares like mad and framed them in Mocha but then ran out of yarn, so I had to wait a whole week until my Deramores order arrived. But now it is finally done! And I love it!

As you can see I chose to place the colours in a diagonal way. Afters steam blocking, the squares looked rather holey...

Too holey for a newborn... So I cut an Ikea fleece blanket to the right side and took out my sewing machine for the first time in two years... You see, my sewing machine and me, we have a love-hate relationship. I'd love to sew and she hates me for wanting to use her. So needles break all the time or the thread gets tangled. This time was not different, but I only broke two needles and no thread got tangled, so I'll call this a succesfull experience :-)

So in the end I managed to crochet and sew a rather nice and warm blanket for a baby due in the cold, cold January...

It may be the teeniest bit wonky, but you hardly notice it, so I'm fine with giving it away. Next on the list is another Sunburst Baby Blanket. My first costum order and I'm a bit nervous about it....

Montag, 7. Oktober 2013

A new beginning...

Hello my dears!

Did you ever feel burned out. Not able to crochet on? Well, I've been there for a while now. I tried to start some new things. Hexagons, a new Patchwork, Circles in Squares but nothing took my fancy. Nothing really lasted. My days of crochet frenzy seemed over.

Funny how one pattern can change everything. You see, I've been in love with the Willow Square out of Jan Eatons 200 Crochet Blocks for a while now. Seeing this wonderful block on a lot of your blogs made me soooo want to do it. But I somehow never bought the book, because a) I know the 200 squares is a lie (too many colour variations counted as individual blocks) and b) I'm one of the rare breed that needs a chart to crochet away happily. As a student I have to read tons and tons of books and essays and stuff that I prefer the lightness of a chart when crocheting. Written out instructions make me dizzy...

But then I found out that I can get the pattern for free on a legal way *yay*. The Larger than Life bag pattern is free and uses this pattern including a CHART!!! Yay! Happy me fetched a hook and some trusty Stylecraft and started:

This is going to be a baby blanket, 5x8 squares. 8 colours and 5 squares per colour. I'm going to use Sharron's faboulus Solid Willow Tutorial to frame the squares. Thinking about Mocha to make the colours pop and keep it modern. What do you think?

Oh and I did finish another knitting project. I hope you are not weary of me writing about knitting since this is supposed to be a crochet block, but I promise crocheting will take over again what with my new found crochet mojo!

But here it is, my Shaw Hill made out of some scrummy Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky:

Sorry for the blurry shot. It really is not easy to photograph oneself. I thought I made another shot of the cowl on a table, but somehow it got lost, so this one has to do. See that happy grin on my face? Yay, finally found something worth the wonderful yarn I had in my stash for a year or so...